If you’re thinking of gifting mugs, why not take them to the next level and go for photo mugs? Mugs are the best gift, especially for people who love coffee and tea. When you go for photo mugs you make them feel extra special because these mugs are not your typical mugs. They are customizable so you choose which pictures to print on the mug. You can have their pictures on it or a quote to inspire them each morning. Here are the 7 best photo mugs that you can go for.


1. Mini Gallery

This photo mug is perfect for those who have pets. You can showcase their beautiful moments together on the mug. Select pictures of them and then lay out the pictures on the glass. In the middle is the biggest picture so it can be their most beautiful picture together. Small pictures on the side can be other poses or other pictures.

2. Loving Moments

This photo mug can hold a lot of pictures on each side. This way, if you can't decide on which picture to print on the mug given your multiple choices, you can just print them all. The layout of the pictures is neat and well-organized. At the center of the pictures is a quote that will melt anyone's heart. It's a sweet reminder that moments are memories.

3. Photo Garland

This photo mug is the best gift for Christmas. It carries the message of a Merry Christmas. This can be a souvenir that you can gift cherishing moments together. The pictures can be anything that features the person you will gift this to. You can only print three pictures here so decide which ones are the best.

4. Modern Simplicity

If the person you will gift this to is simple, this is the best photo mug. The theme of the photo mug is simple and clean. No frames or any designs, just the pictures, and a heart-warming quote. The quote says that the best gift of all is being together. This is perfect for families.

5. Organic Gray

The theme of this photo mug is gray. You can print two pictures with this. This means that the picture is bigger. You can gift this to a whole family with their family pictures printed on each side. Or you can gift this to a person with his or her solo pictures printed on each side.

6. Namesake

This photo mug can be gifted to a whole family because the mug can carry their family name as the heading of the layout. Below the family name printed at the top of the mug are pictures of the family. You can choose pictures of the family that shows every family member so each of them is shown on the mug.

7. Stitched with Love

This mug is cute with its pastel pink background. On one side of the print is a message of love. On the other side is a picture of your choice. This is the best gift for someone with kids. This way, every time they go to work and have their morning coffee they will be reminded of their beautiful children.