Fairy lights or light strings for home decorations have long been part of trends but there seems to be no sign that they are going out of style. A lot of people have used fairy lights or light strings in their homes in the past or have been using them until now. Light strings can be used indoors or outdoors.

For fairy lights or light strings inside the house, you can place them basically anywhere. You may have fairy lights on your bed frame, you may have them draped on your wall like waterfalls or have the same style on your curtains, or you could also have fairy or string lights on a corkboard, pegboard, or grid board where you add some photos, notes, and inspirational things. Then you just them up at night and you are all set. You can really place light strings anywhere. They also look great in your garden. You may also have light strings in the plants themselves or in poles that would light up your pathway. But if you place light strings outdoors, you have to make sure that they are waterproof to avoid fire and electrocution.

Light strings are really majestic and they give a fantastical aura to one’s room. If your room looks really simple, you can just add light strings or fairy lights and it will be transformed immediately. Light strings are also great for selfies and they are wonderful decorative pieces.

Furthermore, if you are tired of the regular light strings that look like the Christmas lights that you use during the holiday season, there are a lot of different kinds of string lights these days with stars for their shape, spherical ones, and more. They also come in different lengths, sizes, and light colors so for sure there will be light strings that are perfect for your style and for the theme of your room.