Installing the washing machine in the bathroom can save a bit of space if you do not have a laundry room. Your bathroom should also be roomy enough to accommodate a washing machine and there are a few prerequisites that are needed to make the installation possible.

First of all, to install a washing machine in the bathroom, the washing machine will need a drain, a water supply, and a power supply. For the water supply, you should use cold water. Everyone has a sink in the bathroom so that should cover water and drain but for power, you will need to have an extra power outlet that can be used to power the washing machine.

Connecting the washing machine to your sink`s drain is not overly complicated. You will need to create a pipe split using a T-junction and some tubing. The new drain will also need to have a U-shaped section. This section will always be filled with water which will block bad odors from coming back from the drainpipe into the washing machine drain which can transfer into your clothes.

For water supply, you will need to do the same as with the drain. You will need a T-Junction, some piping, and a valve that you can use to close the water supply. You should already have a valve on the cold water supply pipe. Remember to connect it to the cold water supply.

While these operations do not take a lot of time, it is easy to make mistakes. You need to get the right type of pipes and sizes and you need to ensure that you connect the washing machine to the right water supply source. It is better to work with a plumber to install your washing machine in your bathroom as it will save you some time and pain.