The color of green is natural and pleasing to the eye, it is what we most commonly encounter in nature. Green is also commonly considered to be the color of harmony, balance, and growth. What’s the best way to apply it to your home decor?

There are many ways you can put the green color to good use. Use green colors in your kitchen to give it the feel of nature. This is a good idea if you’re particularly fond of natural nutrition: the green color can emphasize the connection to nature. Use green colors for your bedroom to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. It can look unbelievably cozy, it can also look elegant without getting extravagant. Of course, it is necessary to combine green with something else in order to achieve the right look.

There are many shades of green that you can choose from: pistachio green, olive green, camouflage green, moss green, emerald green. Generally speaking, the brighter your shade of green is, the less prominent is should be so as to avoid being excessively flashy. On the other hand, more neutral, grayish shades of green help you create a relaxed, soothing environment.

It is a good idea to contrast green with other, lighter colors, such as white, light gray, and light brown. By putting these colors together you can create a good composition. To properly combine colors is the basis of the color theory, so it is perfectly applicable in interior design. For example, you can use green furniture in combination with white walls. You can experiment with different combinations to fit your room. It is pretty common to combine different shades of green for your furniture, especially light green and dark green. This can bring more vivacity to your room and make it more lively.