1. Cookware Set

Prepare for the holiday season with a complete set containing a frying pan, saucepan, saute pan, and a Dutch oven. All of the cookware features a non-stick, non-toxic coating for hassle-free and healthy meals. The magnetic pan racks and a lid holder will save you the trouble of figuring out where to store this extensive set.

2. Food Storage Set

Once the feast passes, you have to face the problem of storing the leftovers. This ceramic/glass set comes with five containers of varying sizes, as well as multiple inserts and straps for added safety. The ceramic containers are microwave and oven safe while the tight glass lids retain the freshness of your foods.

3. Bakeware Set

Bake your next perfect cake or a batch of delightful chocolate muffins with this ceramic-coated set. Baking sheets, pans of various shapes, and a cooling rack are all made out of an aluminized steel body with stainless steel handles. The special non-stick coating is also eco-friendly, with less CO2 production during the manufacturing process.

4. Linens Set

Safety and good hygiene are top priorities once you enter the kitchen. Baking your late-night snack requires an oven mitt, while a pot holder will keep your hands safe from the scorching stovetop. Making a mess is not that big of a deal when you have an apron and some tea towels. All of this is included in the Linens set, all made out of high-quality, lightweight cotton.

5. Deluxe Cookware Set

If you find the regular cookware set lacking, this Deluxe version includes a Minis Duo bundle to give you a few more options. An extra fry pan and a saucepan with a lid are included alongside the previously mentioned cookware in the regular set. Even though they are suitable for smaller portions, their non-stick properties allow you to reuse them consecutively for larger amounts of food.

6. Stovetop Essentials Set

Cook up a perfect breakfast with a couple of pans, pots, and a whistling tea kettle from this set. All of the included elements are stovetop agnostic, meaning that you can use them on induction, gas, and electric stoves. The mix of a mild color palette and high-quality materials make this bundle perfect for everyday use.

7. Complete Kitchen Set

Avoid the hassle of buying separate cookware with this all-inclusive complete kitchen set. You'll stay organized and well-equipped for years to come since the complete kitchen set has 15 different pieces designed for any and all meals you can imagine and prepare.