Everyone has that one item of clothing that they keep reaching for, but for some weird reason it never ends up in a wrong place in your house. It might be a skirt, a shirt or even a pair of trousers. Yet you always find yourself wearing the same old laundry day after day when you could be wearing something more fun and suited to your style. That is why you need to buy the best closet items like the ones highlighted below:


1. Extendable Valet Rod – Chrome

A valet rod is an excellent recommended way to organize your clutter in a small space. The Extendable Valet Rod from Chrome is a great place to start. Easily extend up to ten feet for more hanging room and retract back into cabinets when you do not need it. This valet rod is made of tough brushed steel with chrome accents, meaning it will look good in any home! It is available in oil rubbed bronze, matte brass, matte nickel and chrome. It allows for forward facing presents of your clothes and can attach to any height of your choice on a vertical panel.

2. Acrylic Shelf Divider 8" x 14"

The acrylic shelf dividers are great for all your organizing needs. These dividers are sturdy and will not break easily. The dividers can be used to separate items in small spaces, which is great for bedrooms, closets, or even your kitchen. These dividers can also be used to organize bookshelves and other objects to create different environments in the same room. They come with a locking mechanism so they stay together when moving around the room. Acrylic shelf dividers 8" x 14" give you more options when it comes to organizing your home or office space. You can use it compartmentalize bags and purses.

3. Adjustable Shoe Organizer Shelf (8pk) – White

This organizer is perfect for storing shoes in any room of your home. It has inlaid nails, a hole for hanging and three adjustable shelves. The shelf adjusts from the floor to 14 inches high and 11. 5 inches wide, so you can use this anywhere that you need extra storage space. Plus, the organizer comes with four screws and anchors which are needed to secure it to your wall. It comes with four color: silver, natural, black and white. You can easily move it up as seasons and shoes change. Its stylish option provide an efficient and elegant way to store your shoes in one place.

4. Tie Rack - Matte Black

Tie Rack is an elegant and modern tie rack that can be hung on the wall, mounted to the back of a door, or placed on any flat surface. It features a slim design that is easy on the eye and allows for quick, easy tie changes. The tie rack has been handcrafted from premium materials, which means it will last you for years to come. Tie Rack is also available in matte black, matte brass, matte nickel and chrome. You can use it to keep your jewelry tangle free, necklaces, scarves and ties. It is 14 inches deep and 3 inches tall.

5. Belt Hook - Matte Nickel for closet

The Belt Hook is a simple and elegant solution to the problem of the dangling belt. The hook attaches to any door or closet rod with two screws, and depending on the orientation of how it is mounted, you can use it as a coat hook too. It is also available in three different finishes: oil rubbed bronze, matte brass, chrome and matte nickel. This pretty little gadget will ensure your belt stays put even when you are running around like crazy trying to get everything together before you go out.

A simple closet might have a few dozen easy-to-reach items, like belts, wallets, and scarves. However, this does not account for the number of clothes that most people need to store in their homes. With all those items to keep track of and store in your home, it is easy for many of them to get lost amidst a sea of dark coats and black tights. This is where these best closet items come in handy! These products will help you manage your wardrobe with ease while keeping everything at arms reach.