You can’t overthink about a sheet because it’s just there, tucked under your mattress. But the right bedding can significantly affect how you start and end your day. We’ve created this blog post to help you find the proper sheets for your home and budget. Here are seven types of classic percale sheets.


1. Classic Core Sheet Set

A classic core sheet set is a set of two core sheets - usually a long, rectangular cotton or synthetic fabric with narrow vertical seams for lateral folding and a looped hanging strap. It's traditionally used as bed linen (sheets, pillowcases) but has many other uses in the household, particularly in the clothing industry.

2. Classic Duvet Cover

Your duvet cover is so classic that you're probably unaware of how special it is. It's a favorite among city girls everywhere, and now you can get one in style you'll love. This beautiful cover will make your bed the envy of all your friends and make it easy to throw on the duvet whenever a little more laid back is needed. Perfect for those days when jeans are too much effort or to show off that chic outfit from last night's party! You deserve an upgrade with this one-of-a-kind piece.

3. Classic Move-In Bundle

For the perfect start to your new school year, please look at our Classic Move-In Bundle. The bundle includes two twin XL Percale Sheets and one natural kapok fiber blanket. This package is an excellent choice if you're one of those people who are always cold or not good at regulating your body temperature. Kapok is incredibly warm but doesn't retain heat as other materials can - it'll keep you cool in the summertime.

4. Classic Fitted Sheet

Classic fitted sheets are traditionally made from a single layer of fabric. It was initially used as the lining in underwear and shirts, but now it is used more commonly for sheets because its durability makes it easier to get clean than other fabrics. The fabric has a smooth and crisp feel, is soft but does not have any give, and is less durable than other fabrics like Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton. There are a variety of different types of percale fabric.

5. Classic Split King Sheet Set

A Classic Split King Sheet Set is a luxurious split king sheet set with three great pillowcases made from the finest quality percale weave. The cotton percale fabric is suitable for summer and winter due to its crisp look, feel, and performance. Available in colors like white, charcoal grey, and ecru.

6. Classic Starter Sheet Set

The Classic Percale Sheet Set is made from 100% cotton and is available in various colors. The set provides a comfortable night's sleep with our deep pocket sheets and two-inch deep baffles, ensuring your mattress stays cool all night.

7. Classic Flat Sheet

It is made of 100% Egyptian Cotton and offers luxury like no other. The surface of the weave is tight, with an elegant drape. These sheets are as durable as they come and will last for many years without losing quality or performance. However, these sheets are not meant for low-end cotton-polyester blends.