It’s the season of giving and some of the most challenging people to shop for are home cooks who most likely already have a well-stocked kitchen. To help kickstart your holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite dinnerware pieces to give you the ultimate list of the best gifts for home cooks, no matter their skill level.


1. Le Creuset Dinner Plates (Set Of 4)

Available in a set for four, these plates are the perfect addition to any kitchen because they are durable for everyday use while also being stylish enough for a dinner party. This set is made from premium stoneware that is both scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Finished with a vibrant glaze and comes with a variety of stylish colors like caribbean, cerise and deep teal, this set is easy to mix and match with your favorite pieces.

2. Le Creuset Heritage Soup Bowl

With a stylish lion’s head shape, this bowl ensures the perfect depth for serving French onion soup, seafood chowder and other stews. Its classic white and red color combination gives a touch of class and elegance to any dinner table. Crafted from premium stoneware, this bowl is made to provide durability and are extremely crack and chip resistant.

3. Le Creuset Star Plates (Set Of 4)

Set a festive patriotic table with these fun and colorful star shaped plates that come in a set of four. Like most pieces from the same brand, this set features a durable stoneware build finished with a vibrant glaze that is easy to clean and with a virtually nonstick surface.

4. Le Creuset Everyday Enamelware Dinner Plate

Durability is the name of the game when it comes to this dinner plate. Made with premium carbon steel, this piece is lightweight, hard-wearing, and conducts heat faster and more evenly than other brands on the market. It features a sleek enamel finish that makes it lightweight and easy to carry -- perfect for families with kids.

5. Le Creuset Everyday Enamelware Cereal Bowl

Blending classic style with rugged durability, this cereal bowl is the perfect finishing touch to a classically elegant enamelware table setting. Crafted with premium carbon steel and finished with a colorful porcelain enamel, this piece is versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use.

6. Le Creuset Hogwarts Houses Dessert Plate Set

Get ready Potterheads -- we’ve found the perfect gift for every wizard-loving home cook this season. These 6.7-inch plates are made with the brand’s signature premium sourced stoneware and finished with a colorful glaze corresponding to each Hogwarts house color. The best part? The plate’s surface has a hand-drawn art of House mascot.

7. Le Creuset Egg Cup

Using egg cups make breakfast infinitely better. This elegant piece is made with premium stoneware to resist cracks and scratches, designed to hold a soft-boiled egg upright with ease. It comes in a variety of glorious colors -- perfect for a sunny morning spread.


This elegant tea mug is designed with a unique but straightforward build that makes it easier and more efficient to make tea. With superior heat retention capability, this mug is multi-purpose and perfect for both hot and cold drinks.

9. Le Creuset Espresso Mug

The perfect shot of espresso starts with the perfect mug. This piece combines both functionality with quality materials, featuring premium nonstick software that is both scratch-resistant and shatterproof. The vibrant glaze finish is designed to keep your espresso at the perfect temperature for the sudden shot of energy after a long day.